Simple steps to selling and buying online.

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  1. A customer wants to buy your product or service.
  2. Create a transaction for the product or service you wish to sell. Include an item description with photos and pricing.
  3. Verify your merchandise or service via pictures and and in any of six methods: additional pictures, barcode, VIN number, video, serial number, or a real time video translator.
  4. Send an Fair Xchange invitation link to the Buyer and the e-contract offer.
  5. Create an e-contract for the sale of the item.
  6. Fair Xchange will send you a notification that the Buyer’s funds are in escrow.
  7. Mail the merchandise to the Seller and provide tracking details. You can either choose to ship the merchandise yourself with a service of your choosing, or you can use Fair Xchange’s services.
  8. When the Buyer receives your merchandise, they approve or reject the transaction based on the condition the product arrived in. The Buyer must approve or reject the transaction within a 24 hour period or their funds will be released to you.
  9. Funds are released from Fair Xchange into your account within a 24-48 hour period, or you receive a rejection notice and merchandise return shipment tracking details are provided through the Fair Xchange website, Fair Xchange app, Fair Xchange text or Fair Xchange email.

Selling valuable merchandise online can be difficult. Often Sellers ship their merchandise and are never paid. Fair Xchange makes it safe to sell merchandise online. We create transparency, secure your payment, establish privacy for both Buyers and Sellers, and facilitate the sales and documentation of the shipping process to ensure your safety. Here’s how it works:

Set up an Fair Xchange account. Create a transaction for your merchandise (include photos and product description).

When a Buyer indicates interest in your product or service, send them a link to your Fair Xchange product page. Then, verify your product via two inclusive pictures and for an additional minimal fee with the Buyer in one of six ways: additional pictures, barcode, serial number, VIN number, video, or real time video translation. You and the Buyer agree on and sign an e-contract that stipulates the details of what will be exchanged.

The Buyer will send their payment to Fair Xchange. When Fair Xchange receives the Buyer’s payment, we will send you a notification that the funds have been saved in escrow via Fair Xchange text, Fair Xchange email, Fair Xchange app and Fair Xchange website notifications.

You are responsible for sending the merchandise to the Buyer and for securing a tracking method. You can choose your own shipping method or you can use Fair Xchange for this aspect of the transaction.

When you’ve secured a shipment method, you are responsible for providing the tracking information on the Fair Xchange website. If you use the Fair Xchange shipping service, you will receive a tracking label that is electronic and printable from Fair Xchange.

When the Buyer receives your merchandise or service, they approve or reject the item within 24 hours based on the condition it arrives in. If the Buyer does not approve or reject the item within 24 hours, the payment is automatically released into your account.

If the Buyer rejects the item, they either ship it back to you, or you can offer them a negotiation letter. You must offer the Buyer a negotiation letter within 24 hours of the item’s arrival or the funds will be returned to the Buyer and you must start a new transaction.

The negotiation letter offers Sellers an opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the brokered transaction to persuade the Buyer to accept the purchase.




We protect you and your hard earned money from fraud during transactions with unknown sellers.


Our process is secure, and ensures protection of both buyer and seller.


We use discretion to keep your information private,safe and secrets

Verification Methods

Use our various verification methods to ensure you get what you are expecting from a seller or service provider.


Delaware Licensure / The Hartford Insurance Company
Risk Free

Risk Free

If the service or product fails verification, your funds are returned to you.